Wordfeud Rules is a tool for you as a Wordfeud player to get better and beat your family and friends

How to use the Wordfeud search

To use our search engine to find possible words you should know about the features of the tool. You should put the letters you want to check for possible words in the search box, and if you only put in letters, all possible words and combinations based on your letters will be shown in the search result, from the highest score to the lowest score. Browse past the first page to see more words.

If you have a Joker tile, which is a blank tile, and you want to include that as any letter in the search, you simply put a questionmark ? in the search box with your other letters. You can use up to 3 questionmarks in the search. The result will show the possible words based on your given letters, and also all combination where the Joker tile can represent any given letter. As an example: You have the letters SEDPTG and a joker tile. You put in SEDPTG? in the search box. It will give you a word, for example SEED, where the last E is the joker tile. You can add up to 14 letters in total in the search, including any special character as the ?.

If you have letters on the board you want to include to check prolonging words already played, or you need letters/tiles to be in a specific order for bonus position purposes, you use a dash - between the letters that have to be connected. So if you put in these letters and special characters: KAEDSE-NP? The search result will show all possible words that contain EN in that order, and a combination of the other letters and a Joker (any letter). For instant: sense, where you have EN and the S is the Joker.

That´s basically it. Enjoy