Wordfeud Rules is a tool for you as a Wordfeud player to get better and beat your family and friends

Wordfeud Rules

Wordfeud rules is a tool for you as a Wordfeud player to get better and beat your family and friends. You can of course use our search for Wordfeud cheat, but the site is meant to help you with game rules, tips and tricks, and to get better by searching up possibilities of new words to improve your game. We donĀ“t encourage cheating as it ruins the game, but if you make your plays and then check, you can improve by seeing the results of what you could have done. This will help you the next time. The tool can also be used for Scrabble.

There are a lot of different Wordfeud cheat sites and help tools, but our aim is to offer a service that will give you all the input needed to become a better Wordfeud player, and a reference point for the game rules. You can use it as a Wordfeud trainer, and a source for knowledge and thereby increase your vocabulary.

Most people think of Wordfeud as only a wordgame, in that sence that the player with the best vocabulary will win. That is not the case. There are a lot of math skills involved, and the strategic aspect is maybe the most important one. To read more about how to improve your game you should go through the Wordfeud rules section, and the Wordfeud Tips and Tricks section. If you start using our tool and tips, you will definitely become a better Wordfeud player in no time.

How to use the Wordfeud search

To use our Wordfeud search engine to find possible words you should know about the features. You have to put the letters you want to check possible words on in the search box, and if you only put in letters, all possible words and combinations based on your letters will be shown in the search result, from the highest score to the lowest score.

If you have a Wordfeud Joker tile, which is a blank tile, and you want to include that as any letter in the search, you simply put a questionmark ? in the search box with your other letters. The result will show the possible words based on your given letters, and also all combination where the Joker tile can represent any given letter.

If you have letters on the board you want to include, or you need letters/tiles to be in a specific order, you use a dash - between the letters that have to be connected. So if you put in these letters and special characters: KAEDSE-NP? The search result will show all possible words that contain EN in that order, and a combination of the other letters and a Joker (any letter). For instant: sense, where you have EN and the S is the Joker. For a better understanding on how the search works, read our Searchtips section.

Good luck, and may the Feudgods be with you!